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There will be no Tournament in February.
The next Tournament is March 29th.
For those who currently have VIP/SVIP status email with IAMGame in the subject line.
In the message include your game handle.
One month will be added to your account.
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  • Welcome to the Winners list
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    WINDY446 wins 20.00momos5 won 16.00hollyusa32 wins 30.00
    Shyann won 5.00garden roses won 5.00debbie1951 won 16.00
    *RickiT* wins 10.00pinklenut win 50.00duchessofoil wins 5.00
    Michi13 wins 10.00chirogirl wins 16.00DesertDwllr won 16.00
    dizzylizzy won 10.00mewin58 wins 16.00birdlover wins 10.00
    ImBarbie wins 50.00Mixoligess wins 2.50ingy wins 2.50
    August3 wins 2.50msexplorer win 1.25*GrandMa GummiBear* wins 10.00
    Fortyish wins 10.00Maybe Tomorrow wins 20.00
    teeoff wins 20.00Jesica wins 16.00Patch wins 30.00
    mellie wins 10.00~~bugs~~ wins 16.00**Kaylasgram** wins 10.00abbajam 11 wins 50.00
    angel14390 wins 10.00rafgp wins 10.00ImBarbie wins 16.00
    dollyju wins 8.00gloria71 wins 8.00ingy wins 10.00
    Sooz-E-Q wins 16.00Double Blessings wins 10.00lola224 wins 50.00
    debdon wins 10.00CrowBaby wins 3.32Double Blessings wins 3.32
    momos 5 wins 3.32dory67 wins 10.00kdinpa wins 20.00
    momos 5 wins 20.00bizzybee4 wins 16.00jan527 wins 30.00
    sassyldy wins 10.00spark58 wins 16.00marty531 wins 10.00
    Mixoligess wins 25.00SallyJane wins 25.00mewin58 wins 5.00
    slotladyny wins 5.00newfie2 wins 10.00ingy wins 16.00
    sassyldy wins 8.00REPOMAN wins 8.00**Kaylasgram** wins 5.00
    littleman1 wins 5.00Noodle925 wins 8.00littleman1 wins 10.00
    $$NANAENE$$ wins 25.00~Aristokat~ wins 25.00nicvic wins 10.00
    17) sassyldy wins 5.00lisamaire43723 wins 5.00gloria71 wins 10.00
    Moodym48 wins 4.00dollyju wins 4.00Maybe Tomorrow wins 4.00
    DIANEL wins 4.00jafpausch wins 4.00
    ingy wins 20.00~~bugs~~ wins 16.00sassyldy wins 30.00
    lindamarie wins 10.00lisamarie43723 wins 16.00kittihawke wins 10.00
    nicate2001 wins 50.00screech wins 10.00txshillbilly wins 10.00
    Jesica wins 16.00rafgp wins 16.00jan527 wins 10.00
    mellie wins 16.00ingy wins 10.00spud574 wins 50.00
    Zeph wins 10.00mammajo wins 10.00nermal65 wins 5.00
    slotladyny wins 20.00
    garden roses wins 10.00RandysOkieLady wins 10.00MoodyM48 won 5.32
    mammajo won 5.32**star** won 5.32geri4 won 30.00
    Twilight_Fan won 10.00sillamae wins 8.00momos 5 wins 5.00
    angel14390 wins 5.00~~bugs~~ wins 50.00nicvic wins 10.00
    ninn80 wins 10.00Gremlin2 wins 8.00mamadew3 wins 16.00
    BOBOBEAR wins 10.00spark58 wins 16.00KATHYSUE wins 5.00
    gitcha wins 25.00**star** wins 25.00pig wins 3.31
    dee112763 wins 3.31garfieldtx48 wins 3.31MoodyM48 wins 10.00
    jfb wins 10.00debbie1951 wins 20.00Twilight_Fan wins 16.00
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